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Season Five Finale RANT · 7:42pm Dec 3rd, 2015

Normally I don't do this since I am not really the blabbery type in blogs, but seeing the Finale for this season just recently due to finally finding the time to do so. Well...I just had to vent even if no one reads this haha.

Okay first off I did like the premise a little, time magic fuckery is neat and I LOVE what if situations. And I admit I enjoyed the little glimpses at the fucked up Equestria worlds, though some were very short due to the whole time limit of two eps but eh.

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My Not so Little Wrecker · 11:55am Nov 21st, 2012

This is where I will be posting updates on the story to give a heads up on any changes done to chapters, as well as status of the story along the way.

Now then for chapters 1&2 they have been edited a bit to have the format changed based on valid suggestions on layout, right now though a little iffy on them so will be subject to change. The words though have NOT been bothered with so there is no need to re-read them as I am simply trying to make them easier to read right now.

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Just something I wondered about. · 5:01am Nov 19th, 2012

Okay just finally got around to watching Wreck It Ralph and something sort of came to me, I wondered what it would of been like if one of the games Ralph had gotten into was say a Arcade version of a MLP: FIM game? I mean I know there are some games for the show and it just sort of tickled my mind thinking of how that would go, having the gang deal with Ralph or something to that effect.

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