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A random pony oc

Bow before the quirky edgelord! :3


Oh no. · 10:57pm July 10th

I may be disappearing from the site?

Yeah like, I kinda moved on, but I try to update! I see you on the flip side.

-A random pony oc

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I'm back :D · 12:41am June 11th

Guess who's back, back again.

Guess who's back, Guess who's back

I am back >:D

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My stories are going on pause for a while! · 11:30pm April 30th

So, since real life is catching on to me, I'm afraid to say that I'm going on hautis or whatever that called. Sure, I may come online for some time but don't really expect anything from me, sorry. But don't worry, when I post a new chapter of Emerald, (don't think I forgot that) and Lighting Heaven, and maybe post what happens to Mystia after she conquers Equestria and The Crystal Empire. For now people ponies, fairwell and I will see you when we meet again. I'ma head out. *insert sad

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The Roblox Bloxy is here! · 7:50pm March 27th

I am watching the Bloxy Awards right now and just wow!

Like seriously, you should check it out, do it for me! :fluttercry:


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