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Lighting Heaven was your ordinary joe, playing video games, having decent friends, and most importantly, she was a brony. But after doing a dare with her friends, she died and reincarnated into the world of Equestria. But it's not what it all seems. After all, being an all powerful pony does come with its prices.

Inspired by 'That Time I Conquered Equestria... As A Colt'. It's a really good story! (Mature too.)

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Emerald, a changeling queen nymph finds herself abandoned in the middle of the Everfree forest. She learns her hypnosis powers and transforming powers before she transform herself into a foal. Applejack finds it and took care of it. As she discovers who she is in this world, along with Chrysalis, she realizes just what her name is, Emerald Iris.

Gore will probably be very rare, so this is just a story about a changeling who wants, —and will get— everything in her sight.

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Twilight was living happily with her friends, but until Sombra tries to unleash the darkness within her. Little did both of them know an lurking evil was hidden right under their noses. After all they've been through, they should know how to bow down to their tyrant, right?

And Mystia is the perfect fit for that.

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