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Until further notice... · 11:31pm Mar 23rd, 2013

I am afraid to say that H:ASD has reached a writers block of such magnitude, that it blocks out the screen on my laptop and prevents me from seeing anything I write. It is too big for me to handle and I doubt that I can get past it. I feel that the story isn't really going anywhere and I hadn't planned it out thoroughly enough, as it has major plot holes and some serious Character flaws.

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new story · 10:25pm Nov 12th, 2012

Full Armoured Ponies

Finally! The story I've been slaving away at has finally been finished -with around 10,000 words of collective vomit- has finally been submitted.

Go check it out.

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why my brain?! · 11:43am Nov 8th, 2012

Everyone thinks about how spike will outlive the main six....

I don't think he will outlive Twilight though. I just thought about it whilst thinking about a recent film Eragon

He was hatched by Twilight, so she will live longer than the rest of the main six.... just a thought

In other news, Haylo is getting along slowly, this time it's a lot better than the original chapter ideas.

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another idea... and news on H:SD · 7:50pm Oct 19th, 2012

sorry. It's been a while since i last posted a blog post.

news for Haylo: A Spartan Discovery, so far i am roughly halfway through the chapter, darn writers block is stopping any ideas I've had in my head and I started over on it at least three times now because it made no sense or it was too quick or something else redundant to the story. hopefully (if WB permits) I can get a chapter out on it soon, no promises though

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an idea · 1:00pm Sep 28th, 2012

I was thinking about how in some stories humans seam to either completely ignore magic or absorb it or possibly even control it.

But what if humans do have magic of our own but it's a passive magic like Earth ponies and Pegasus ponies.

Our magic could be technology, the ability to adapt things bend them to our wills, we have several traits that most ponies don't
we could have the ability to adapt faster, invent things faster, change our beliefs in some cases.

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Full Armoured Ponies: mechas are forever · 6:29pm Aug 28th, 2012

those of you willing to help me write this story and edit it are always allowed to see what i'm writing.

I will usually be on Google docs from now on, so if you want me, i'll be on there

although you can always PM me here on my account

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story idea · 1:58pm Jul 31st, 2012

so i was sitting down looking at random things, when suddenly an idea popped into my head, mecha stories are extremely rare, and i haven't seen many on here, there is only one that i know of.

so i began to put it together in my head and i came up with a name and story idea, here it is:

Full Armoured Ponies: mechas are forever

you are a warrior pony, bread for war and trained since you were a foal, by the princesses themselves no less.

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sorry · 1:22pm Jul 10th, 2012

I've been trying to put pen to paper (figuratively speaking) but i have been unable to come up with any good ways to start chapter five D:<
i probably won't be making another chapter for a while... but if my writers block clears i might be able to post it soon

hopefully i will be able to put out another chapter soon... also I'm starting to write another story, I'll try to work on them both, if i have the time.

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updates · 9:29am Jul 2nd, 2012

for those who want to know I've almost finished chapter four. i'm just going to proof read it myself a few times before i finally post it

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