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Hello all! I’m newer to the MLP fan base, but always enjoy the stories and adventures in Equestria! God is my rock and foundation, but I enjoy a little fiction about the magic of friendship too.


Change in Uploads · 6:26pm April 15th

I have been very infrequent with putting out chapters while taking classes but I have started working on the next one, and it will be out soon. With that being said I would like to have less wait time between posts, so I'm going to do my best to find time to get one done every other week without sacrificing quality. I already have most all the story planned/mapped out in my head... It just takes a while to get it on paper in a readable fashion. Chapter 16 of The Impossible Choice will be here

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Book Update! · 7:55pm February 16th

Almost done with the next chapter of The Impossible Choice. Will be editing it very soon! Literally haven't written in months, but I started work on it last night, and will be posting a decent length chapter very soon!

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The Impossible Choice: Update · 4:25am Oct 2nd, 2020

If anyone has been wondering why I haven't posted a chapter update for a while, I started college a while back, and have been bogged with other priorities. I plan to post a new chapter for my story within the month, but I cant promise a specific date due to other obligations. Thank you for those that have read it so far, and I hope to be back on FimFiction more often, so expect some exciting new content in the future!

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