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Mom Troubles Rant - Alternate Title = Overly Worried Mother... Right? · 3:08am Aug 7th, 2020

So, my mom has been talking about possibly traveling to Japan, right? And I show the tiniest bit of disinterest (apparently). Then, about 40-45 minutes ago, she called me into the kitchen where she was washing the dishes and asks me about something (I don't remember, short attention span and all.) Then, probably not even 5 minutes later, she calls me back out and starts talking about how I've 'been so disinterested in everything'. I showed a tiny disinterest in

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Of Ice Cream & F*cked Minds · 5:30am May 19th, 2020

My mind's fucked. I've known for a while and I proved it to myself, yet again, just moments ago.

Okay, so I was just enjoying my ice cream when it popped up in my head, "Whoever invented ice cream, I love them." Then, I got a thought. Okay, and that thought was, "I wonder if the person who invented ice cream was a pedo?" So I searched online for 'pedophile inventors'. I didn't find any inventors, but I found an extra extent to my fucked mind. Feel free to scream at me. I know I need it.

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Age & Time · 7:18am Apr 11th, 2020

When you're 15 or 14, you don't feel like you're getting closer and closer to adulthood. But, then you realize... at 16 you only have 2 years left to be a kid, and during those 2 years, you're, basically, being forced to prepare for adulthood. As a child, you long to be an adult, but then you become an adult, and you realize that it isn't all that fun and that it's depressing. You realize, that you're childish bliss, you're young freedom, is about to be taken. Clipped from your very soul, and

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