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Sometimes I forget to breathe.

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One human, the last on Earth, doesn't care that humanity is all but gone, but cares that ponies showed them up and decimated them. All he cares about is surviving in this wasteland.

The truth, however, is hidden from view. The man doesn't know that a specific pony wants nothing more than to help him escape the lie he has been living for the past 6 months.

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A Teenager wonders why he even continues on with life. Everyone he once knew hates him, only because he likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Both day in and day out he was lashed verbally and physically by those he once trusted.

My Little Pony helped him through those hard times. But it could never repair the trust issues he had. Even if it was with someone... or something he knew the true nature of.

But one day at a convention, everything changed. Maybe for the better. Maybe...

He can't remember his name, can't remember certain events, and only knows three nicknames that fit him the most. Each with different meaning.

"The Defender", "The Wanderer", and " The Deceiver"

But only few know what he prefers to go by, "The Courier"

Featured: 8/8/19

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