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im asp production live or simply aaron or sweat tart im a youtuber and amnio equastria pony art type on there , if you have queastion about me go to my yt or amnio page


qauestion what fictions do i write normaly ? and some onthers · 9:32pm February 15th

hmm easy , i write clop slash inflation/growth/gaint and chubby ponies stuff
what i can write: growth,inflation,waight gain,transformation. and some onthers i cant say outloud
what i cant write : i dont even know what i cant write

what are my normal fics : anything involing comdey or slice of life or grimdark and simple one shot fics

what are my fav friends as zodica signs . most likble ones im fond is gemni and leo or vigro and libras and sometimes pices the twin fish , or capicorn

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