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hi just a somepony who knows a few cursed individuals that get down voted for content but don't care because what they wright makes sense to them


the genal idea that started it all · 11:44pm February 19th

The shape of the Universe: Vore isn't a commonly know phenomenon said to originate from discord in retaliation to his stone prison, luna being the first to be overcome by the draconequus curse and consumed by it turning her into Nightmare Moon. When Celestia banished her sister the affliction spread to her but when she attempted to remove it with the help of her most powerful magi it backfired spreading like a virus. Over the following century, a secret society was formed evolving as it hid

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wtf English · 1:22pm Dec 23rd, 2020

Laid is pronounced like paid but not said and said is pronounced bread but not  bead and bead is pronounced like lead and not lead (English the lazy language!)
Lead rhymes with read and lead rhyme with read, but lead doesn't rhyme with read and lead doesn't rhyme with read?
comment from sock puppet
English isn't a language, it's a mugger that beats up good languages in dark alleys and takes their words.

if you replace the W in what when and what with T you get their answers

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fun fact of the day · 7:31am Dec 17th, 2020

A fetish is just a reverse phobia. now ya know if you scared of something I'm pretty sure someone else is pretty into it take voraphilia verses Phagophobia

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foot note · 6:16am Dec 11th, 2020

after about an hour of trying to figure out how to give my profile image source with no success, I've decided to just give credit to Elric of Melnipony for the image here instead

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good news · 1:14am Jul 11th, 2020

finally got my docs back took a lot of hassle though

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update and bad news · 8:32am Mar 1st, 2020

After my laptop had a motherboard fatale short out and i have been meet with the dreaded "this device is not recognized we can not verify it is you" and can no longer get on google my docs everything. Sigh... I was told docs was better then ward, oh well I dont know what else to do i have a new youtube through protonmail and as such, I won't be writing for a while unless brand new inspiration hits, so discouraging... grugh. I estimate about nine thousand or even a

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the world i'm trying to build · 4:19am Aug 11th, 2019

hello every one who likes vore and may or may not have a kink or two; if you need a drive or premise to make a vore based fic, i have a work in progress file that details what i think vorequestria is like and how it came to pass.

this is what i have so far feel free to add or help me with grammar

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new developments · 9:31pm Nov 14th, 2018

hey every one vorebelle here just wanted you to know i'm looking for a proofreader to help me fix the mistakes in my writing I can't publish my lives story if I can't get past the grammar mark i'm only a filly, not an English scholar if any pony wants to proofread for me that would be great thank you be now I have to eat my lunch he doesn't know he's my lunch yet he thinks its a date but he's the mane course giggle I think if he smells like cheese and his lips taste like chilly

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hi my names vorebelle and welcome to my channel · 5:48pm Oct 20th, 2018

Um hello i know you're there i can smell you it's a nice scent not to pungent or sweet either um... my names sweetie belle or thats what ponies used to call me tell i got cursed by a book filled with dark magic. now i have to eat my friends so i can manage it the curse makes me turn fural like a wild animal and sometimes i wake up with a pony inside me, but i've learned that it's mostly harmless in the sense that they live through it. yes they do melt sometimes. sigh and i sometimes do digest

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