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The story was rigged from the start...


My stories · 2:07pm Jun 20th, 2019

Many of you have seen that i haven't been online for a few months... It's because I've had a lot of unsolved stuff that I've had going on in my life, my pc broke a few months ago and I've had a friend come over and we tried to fix it together... It didn't go that well.

I can't write stories as much as i had in the past.

I've also had more problems than just the pc being broke.

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A story idea · 8:38pm Mar 6th, 2019

Whet if equestria (or some other country) was having a war, and a man gets transported into a body of a unicorn foal. She has unbelievable amount of mana but she lacks muscle.
And she joins the army (cause why not)

I got the idea from "Youjo senki"

I know i am a weeb

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I have a story idea if anyone wants it. · 6:12pm Jan 11th, 2019

Have you watched doctor who? Well i assume you have. Now has anyone seen the episode where a meteor crash lands on earth and when a little boy comes across it he gets infected fith something. Then a gas mask grows out of his skin and he starts talking to everyone asking where his mom is.

So what if that meteor didn't hit earth but it hit equestria instead?
I think this is a good idea.

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Villians · 7:52pm Dec 11th, 2018

Why oh why can't i find any stories where a human goes to equis and turns out to be a villain?
Like jesus christ on a stick there is literally 0 stories about that.

If you find one can you put the story in the comments?

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Porn fics · 4:27pm Sep 9th, 2018

I don't know why but always when i go to "new stories" or " popular now" there is alway at least 5 stories that are only about porn. why?

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