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Spike X Winona · 8:23pm Oct 6th, 2018

One couple I think might be cute is Spike and Winona.
However, just you don't get confused, I mean Spike the Dragon, not Spike the Dog.
Who of you thinks as well that Spike the Dragon and Winona would make an interesting couple?
Please let me know. Thanks.

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Marble Machine · 3:04pm Jun 2nd, 2018

So this guy, Wintergatan, made a very special musical instrument that uses marbles.
If you like, you can watch this special video on YouTube.

It's called "Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)"
All rights for this video go to Wintergatan and those who helped to make this video, especially the Marble Machine, possible.

PS: Whoever likes to leave a comment, go ahead.

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