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If anyone said to you that you are a good man, they are lying. There is no one good, but you can do the rigth thing.


We all change · 2:33pm May 23rd, 2019

Have you ever thougth that you see yourself as a different man/woman when you recalled moments that happened to you?
Like having moments that mentally you said "How an idiot I was as a kid" or "What would say my past self if he see me now?".

I do have those, and also think my past "me", but not like 1 but more than 1.

"Why?" You may ask,"Why you think like that?"

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To everypony that following me or/and going to... · 3:58pm Mar 9th, 2019

Hello everypony, I'm sure all of you had been following me or will soon is going to think (I am not a mentalist, but sure you know what do I mean...) "who the hell is Thunder Punch?" or "What got to the creation of Thunder Punch"

Well, I finally decide to welcome me to all of you, but obviously i'm not going to tell you a fake description of Thunder Punch.
No, My Real Name will be secret...Unless someone with a great knowledge of computing find my IP direction, but until then, nope.

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