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Comprehension · 1:44am Jan 17th, 2022

For real, this is nothing really in particular, but, Comprehension seems to be lost in translation like we need it. We are a Long Way from 3rd or 4th Grade, when they'd say that over and over for literacy reasons, but, Miseducation is not healthy.

Comprehension helps us enjoy things better and easier and i feel our patience has ran drier than a desert in the Summer.

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Happy Belated 1st FimFiction Anniversary · 1:16pm Mar 13th, 2019

What I'd really mean to say is my FimFiction Account Anniversary was Last Week and even though I discovered this site before that, and even though I am mainly a Blogger more than a Storyteller, but, I feel like with everything sailing truly lean and mean, we are not necessarily in a place for miracles.

I wished we'd would without any one questioning anything, because that is terrible, and healthy relationships take us further longer.


Closing 2018 · 7:54pm Dec 31st, 2018

I feel real concern, even though I am based in the Middle of America and 2019 is not even a half day away. I don't usually blog on this site, and I think with My Little Pony being 40 in 2023 has to cross Hasbro's Mind more than 6 Times a Day, if not properly doing a proper Arena Football League, again.

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