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On the fabled chapter 9. · 2:26am Aug 19th, 2014

It is about time I come clean and inform you all of what's been going on behind the scenes, so I'm making this blog post to put it all out there.

To put a long story short for those not interested in reading lengthy paragraphs: Chapter 9 is ready in spirit and word, but lacks most of it's needed proofreading.

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I'm curious about something. (To all those that started tracking me after I posted chapter 8) · 11:04pm Oct 25th, 2012

I'm curious, how did you come by my fic? Random search on here? was it recomended to you? Did you stumble upon it some random day you were bored?

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Allright, update time! · 9:07pm Sep 24th, 2012

OK, my hunt for pre-readers didn't go that swell to be honest... But who am I to blame?
I'll just have to try my best to bring you all chapter 9 before the year ends, that's the best I can promise really.
In other news: I've lightly started working on chapter 10, drafting out the major bits.

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Here we are again... ( I need new pre-readers) · 11:55pm Aug 9th, 2012

Hello there readers and followers! Some of you (not that many) Have been asking when chapter 9 is to be released, well that release just met a bump in the road...

Normally I have 4 pre-readers helping me out on the fic, but lately due to personal reasons some of them aren't around that much.
One will retire from pre-reading the fic shortly and the other is dealing with things I won't discuss with you.

In short; I need two new pre-readers.

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Chapter 9 now not too far from being published. · 4:46pm Jul 6th, 2012

Ok, update to you all. I finished Chapter 9 at 4A.M this morning and then handed it over to my pre-readers for editing. So if all goes well, expect to see it posted here either late Saturday, sometime on Sunday or at most; Monday. Final word count will be about 4200 words.

That is all for now.

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Ok, chapter 9 time! · 11:45pm Jun 30th, 2012

Allright chaps, I feel like I should give you all a small update here.

Chapter 9 is now currently residing at 3370 words. My plan is to reach about 4500 before I call it off.

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I ain't dead!... Yet >_> · 1:58pm Jun 6th, 2012

Ok then, thought I'd just post this small update here.
Chapter 9 is finally moving along again after a small break caused by school related stuff.
As the picture shows the chapter is just about to pass the 2000 word mark and it'll continue for quite the bit after that I assure you.

What is it Twilight deserves? Who knows...

I guess that's all for now.

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Chapter 9 and other stuff. · 10:31pm May 4th, 2012

Allright, I'll admit it, Chapter 8 took way too long before it got finished. Now that's mostly my fault, sure my pre-readers were busy, but I didn't exactly work on it as much as I could.
But this I'm planning on changing with chapter 9. I've decided to try out a new way of writing, plan when I write and don't get interrupted while writing.

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I made a blog! Come see what I do when not writing and all that. · 10:50pm Apr 28th, 2012

I thought I'd start using my Tumblr blog. So for those interested, follow the link. The blog will post everything from a-z I might post some of my artistic work there as well.

That is all.

Oh while i remember, chapter 9 is now at roughly 150 words.

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Chapter 8 will be posted today! · 1:43pm Apr 28th, 2012

Hello there, I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be posting Chapter 8 today!
The chapter is finally done after getting a slow start. I have to take some of the blame on that bit, but some I'll also put on School related stuff.
Now I'm off to finish chapter 8 and start chapter 9.

That is all for now.

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