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Okay let's wrap this up. · 1:32pm May 19th, 2019

My attachment to the franchise has obviously declined, and I commonly feel guilty about not continuing writing projects but am rarely inspired to do so. It is actually true, at least for me, that being more happy, more hard working, and more functional is all bad news for creative writing. It’s time to change things.

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Dystopias in Black Mirror · 10:34pm Oct 7th, 2018

(Black Mirror is a series consisting of self-contained 1-hour long episodes that usually contain a science fiction element. It’s on Netflix and it’s very good.)

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A history of FimFiction (2017 to 2041) · 1:37pm Nov 12th, 2017

This is a work of fiction. Any references to real persons, industries, communities, or websites are a product of the author’s imagination and are included only to disturb or to give the story the false appearance of authenticity. The author denies intent of any kind of commentary, social or otherwise, which the reader may interpret into the story, and reserves the right to be shameless in every conceivable aspect. Nothing of the following is necessarily

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