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I think I love Fallout Equestria too much.


Fallout Equestria: Liberation Update! · 6:10am Apr 19th, 2019

Hello, my fellow Wasteland ponies! I’m afraid this isn’t an update saying a new chapter is up! But instead, an update to inform you I have been busy with college as of late. Though I have not been entirely indisposed and have gotten some work done on Chapter 12, that being said thanks to upgrading to the premium service of Grammarly, I’m going back and editing my earlier chapters. The first one I re-edited is the latest Chapter 11, I just finished and uploaded the new version of Chapter 1 as

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The Art of Fallout Equestria: Liberation · 8:15am Mar 8th, 2019

Hey there my fellow wasteland ponies! This is a blog post that’s somewhat self-explanatory. This is a post about the art of Fallout Equestria Liberation. I plan to further add more art to this story of mine. I figured important moments within the story I’m going to bring to life into art form. But I wanted to ask you guys if you want any particular art from the story? Do you want me to commission a character from the story you like so you can physically see them? I had a portrait of Valiant

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