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I am big fan of well written HiE stories. I'm also a fan of anime and romantic stories. I like to write about good xenphilic romance, though I'm not one of the best writers out there.


Title Changed · 2:21pm April 12th

I changed the title of my latest story from Shapes & Forms to Different as I wasn't much happy with the last title and more or less, this was just a placeholder.

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Human X Merpony (New Story Pusblished) · 10:09am March 9th

Well, do you guys like monster ponies, or how about merponies? Are you a fan of HiE? Better are you a fan of human x pony fictions? Do you guys like my stories?
If answer is yes for all the questions, then get ready. This story is for you guys.

The human raised by pirates but then dumped for his betrayal. The lonely merpony who never had someone to call friend in a long time. When they meet, magic happens.

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