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I am big fan of well written HiE stories. I'm also a fan of anime and romantic stories. I like to write about good xenphilic romance, though I'm not one of the best writers out there.

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Seaweed, (Yeah, he was named after that) a human who never had a chance to know himself aside from the fact that he was taken care by pirates for the purpose to serve them, and he did his job with loyalty until he came to know what kind of person his captain was. Soon after came the day, when he tried to rebel against the crew.

Unfortunately, that day also proved to be the last day of his life, or at least that's what his cruel captain intended.

Coral, a lonely mermare happened to be there at time to save his life, and they both bonded as close friends, and you know "Friendship is Magic"

(Collab between me and my friend)

Sex tag is due to heartwarming romance and suggestions. No detailed description involved.

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Nightmare Moon was seen like nothing more than a dark tyrant to most of her subjects. But somewhere behind the veil of her darkness, she also felt the need for sympathy, for compassion, for love...

One night a child of unknown species was found in the Royal Gardens of Nightmare Moon's Palace by two of her Royal Guards. They took the child to their Princess to see what they should do.
Nightmare Moon, even though seemed uninterested at first but after she learned some certain facts about him, she decided to keep him, and that's where this unusual story unfolds. Follow the human as he grow up to be the Knight and a Servant to her majesty...

(Set in Nightmare-verse)

(A collab between me and one of my friend)

Sex tag is due to heartwarming romance and suggestions. No detailed description involved.

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It's been more than a century since the first human made contact with Equestria. So, seeing a human roaming around wasn't a surprising sight to anyone anymore. Plus, since that much time had passed, it was no surprise either that both species were getting along quite well and despite some controversies among them there were many who found love among the other kind and vice-versa. Though, this story isn't about how did they got along and how much difficulties they had to face in order to get to that point. Instead, today's story is about a certain someone among the humans of Equestria.

Alex, one of the humans in Equestria bought a new apartment at a rather affordable price. What comes next may change his life forever.
Follow him on a his small path to find someone to love and what comes afterwards...

(A collab between me and my good friend, who would rather stay anonymous in this regard)

Sex tag is for suggestion and implication and some heartwarming romance. No detailed description involved.

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