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Hey guys! My name's Rowdy and I'm here to find and hopefully make some quality content. From grim dark to romance and the comedy between buckle down for some great stories!


So... · 5:16pm Sep 27th, 2019

Remember how I said I'd start posting here? Yeah, it's been over a year and a half.

Major updates:
Dragon Hearts Academy is getting rewritten, and so is the ponified version. Cause it sucks.

I'll be writing my Legend of Zelda crossover again soon.

I'm planning some more fanfictions of the crossover variety but really need an editor/coauthor or something.

Minor Updates:
Ocean Blue will be getting an update today, Monday or Tuesday.

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Heeey · 8:57pm Jan 9th, 2018

So, I decided to start posting here. Hooray!

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