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Hey guys! My name's Rowdy and I'm here to find and hopefully make some quality content. From grim dark to romance and the comedy between buckle down for some great stories!

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Scout Frost is staying the summer with her aunt in the equestrian coastal city of Neigh Orleans, little does she know that magical mischief abounds on a nearby island and she gets caught in the crossfire. But, several new friends are there to help her through it, and she's ready to do whatever it takes to discover the purpose of their transformation.

*I DON'T KNOW WHO THE ARTIST OF MY COVER IS!* Paigeeworld shut down, so I can't find them! If you are the artist and would like me to take your art down, please notify me and it will be done!

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Dragon Hearts Academy is a school for monster hunters. Meet four teenaged ponies who attend and follow them on riffing adventures throughout an unseen world.

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Taliel is a Unicorn pony who is chosen to go on a quest to retreive the Kokori Sword, the treasure of Otapu village. Trouble is, she doesn't want to!

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