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Phantom Night

I see skies of blue and clouds of white, the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night


My first Published Story · 2:03am Jan 1st, 2018

Have just uploaded my first story on this site :pinkiehappy:
It's far from perfect, though it feels good to have finally published something :twilightsmile:

Story: The sun has set https://www.fimfiction.net/story/386075/the-sun-has-set

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Well, it's offical, i have now been a member of the MLP Fandom for a year now · 3:35pm Nov 16th, 2017

I remember over a year ago, when i was feeling really down, i had just barely finished Secondary School with passing grades and i just felt burnt out after school and the thought of starting College didn't help. But i did it anyway because i don't have a job and education is still important.

I was feeling down to say the least, so i did what i usually do when i feel depressed and have free time, watching Youtube videos for hours upon ends.

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