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Hey, I'm BronyPony and i just realized that someone is actually going read this bio..... Hi welcome to my FimFic account. If you want to contact me, my name is BronyPony on Discord.


Well Fuck · 9:36am May 24th, 2020

So yea fuck...its been years since i been in this fandom, and yet like a blackhole it sucks me right back in.

So Hello there its been for ever and im back and I will be posting up everything i writen bc why the fuck not at this point.

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I'M BACK · 5:50pm Aug 27th, 2017


I will like to start of with saying one thing: I'm Sorry. To the people who have read my story and expected more I'm very sorry I have let you all done. IT's been a hard year. I have had major issues with mental health.....

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Stories and What is coming · 10:35pm Mar 26th, 2017

Sup ponies
So the Trixie fic and Smooze stories are still being writen... Sorry, I had a bit of writers block for a little while... anyway they should be coming in the next month.... I also will be starting a huge fic that will take up most of my time. It's an FoE fic... Yep that's right ponies, the wasteland has consumed another soul... I'll be uploading it hopeful before Easter!!! Anyway just want to give a small update..

Love you all

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The Smoozing · 7:02pm Feb 18th, 2017

Hey Everypony,

I just wanted to let you all know that will be writing more for my story The Smoozing, It was original called the A Very Smoozing Evening or something like that. I don't have the best of memories. Well that all from me. just a quick up date.

Love you all
- BronyP0ny

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First Story · 6:40pm Jan 21st, 2017

Hey Everypony,

Hi, i just got my first story upload and pass moderation!! I'm currently working on something, that will have Best pony-Trixie Lulamoon-in it. Hope you enjoyed the Smooze story. Talk to all of you later!!


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