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"A title does not give one respect, the actions they preform and the deeds the do earn them respect."


Net neutrality · 4:05pm Nov 29th, 2017

Polls open now on Twitter @PhoenixDragon44
About the net neutrality event going on now. The internet is at stake...

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Hey... · 1:39am Nov 28th, 2017

I'm gonna take an indefinite break from writing due to working on a non mlp story. Now, don't worry, I will still work on my current mlp stories in my free time, but I will eventually get back to writing. This story idea might have an mlp sequel, but the main story will not be mlp in the slightest, and there for, cannot be put on this site. Be back to writing soon


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Mah' Quotes (post 002) · 4:36am Nov 6th, 2017

"Let them come. For when they shall arrive, they shall only then, see the shadows for what they truly are. And will know, that even the light has shadows." -Shadows Of The Light

"The eyes may be a window to the soul, but I don't need to look into your eyes to see you for who you really are." -Polar the Red King

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Oc call-out · 3:00pm Oct 5th, 2017

It is time. Winter is coming, and my story planning page needs characters. Please submit your OC in the format below if you want it featured in my story. The first 9 will be guaranteed.
please note that your character must be able to die should the plotline call for a sacrifice.


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Real quick · 1:42am Sep 8th, 2017

After the next chapter of Emerald Dragonheart: the Beginning is published, I will make and post a short sequel to Creatures in the dark. So expect a pause in updates.

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You have two active quests! · 1:40am Aug 31st, 2017

So... you thought it was dead hmmmm? Wrong!!! What happened was, I wrote the next chapter on a laptop that made Emerald seem too OP, and I didn't publish it because of this, and it made the chapter seem rushed and it looked terrible. So then, I got a new laptop and didn't save the chapter of trash on a flashdrive/ sd card and I re-read ED: B and saw where I could go with the story. Now, what's going to happen is, I'm going to type the next chapter; but not publish it; then, I'm going to go back

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Mah' Quotes (post 001) · 1:52am Jun 7th, 2017

"A title does not give one respect, the actions they preform and the deeds the do earn them respect." -PhoenixDragon44

You must think me a child! For I shall not follow blindly a quite mortal being, who thinks themself to be be immortal. This bout of ego shows your inferiority! -The Shadow

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Informative blog · 8:07pm Apr 30th, 2017

any who read my stories knows that I have not updated my story Emerald Dragonheart beginnings in a while and I am writing this to inform all of you that I must put it on hiatus for a little while, at least until I get my other projects completed first.

Those that I am working on are...

-Six hours: Fluttershy
-Omega: Checkmate, White Wins
-Two Dovakiin

Until next time...

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Coming soon... · 1:48am Feb 21st, 2017

6 Hours: Fluttershy
"Ah, glad to see your awake." A deep, gravely voice spoke from a corner of the room. Fluttershy's head shot up and looked at the far top right corner of the room to see a black, glass-like screen with 60:00 displayed in a glowing red color and an outline of a figure sitting in a chair underneath it.
"W-where am I?" Fluttershy asked with fright. The figure in the darkness laughed and stood up on two legs.

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Escape Room · 3:32am Feb 19th, 2017

Just got back from an escape room and it was fun. We beat it with 31 seconds left. We still won... I've also been reading and watching silent hill and both have given me inspiration to write a short story that has a slim chance of becoming a series/verse.

P.s-Emerald Dragonheart Beginnings has reached a short hiatus because of a small pothole in the road. I will constantly be working on fixing the problem and it should be back on track within the week.

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