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I'm an artist and writer by hobby alone so I don't take it too seriously. One of my friends said this was a great place to dump my technicolor pony stories so here I am.


Research · 5:45am Jul 25th, 2017

gonna read a fanfic or two before writting again.

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Asking a Moderator or Administrator to do so is the only real way, but they rarely do as they often have people consistently asking them to try to recover a deleted account.

Hey, how do I delete my account?

>> The Descendant

To be honest I don't have the attention span to suggest any real solution, just be mindful of how you word things in the future, some people may interpret your words differently.

Hmmm... that's the first time someone has had such a reaction to that particular message. How would you suggest that I edit it?

Thanks for the advice I'll commit it to memory, that said I find your approach to a new users lack of knowledge to be rather blunt. Your first paragraph made me feel stupid, almost as if I should know how to operate and navigate a website that i've only been on for a day as of the time of this message. That said, thank you for the welcome and I hope to contribute to this website's content soon :)

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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