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I'm rewriting the Year of the Dragon Android · 4:01pm Yesterday

It's been a few years since I've posted anything in that story and I vastly improved. yes this is going to be another complete rewrite but since some people actually enjoy the old story I'm going to keep it up on the site and just post a new one. I hope no one gets mad that I'm taking it off of incomplete and putting it in completed even though it's obviously not because I'm doing a whole rewrite.

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Hey guys i've made a discord server! · 7:09pm Nov 22nd, 2019

as the title says I have made a discord server it's an RP server called Harmony Across Dimensions the link is https://discord.gg/DRQ7yk

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Hay everypony i'm posting a blog for the first time ever to ask for your help · 12:20am Jan 17th, 2018

I 've recently hit some writers block and I want your help with pushing past it. You see in my most recent update to Year of The Dragonoid I posted a poll and so far only three of you ponies have responded. Now I know some of you might not like to comment but I really need your help! So please check out my newest update to Year of The Dragonoid. It's important that I get this done.

Stay pony, my friends,

Ayumi-Twilight Aurora Sparkle the Tempest Flare

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