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eheh ehehehheheh eh


Shoeshine ermmehcelestuer · 12:50am Nov 25th, 2015

A great friend of mine was asked to draw a grumpy shoeshine. as always, Moobbutt's work is magnificent.
just accept the compliment dim.

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ha ha ha
u a funny guy

wow frund you should really post some of that story you're working on because i know a few people who would love to read it you know :ajsmug:

:ajsmug: ur a cool guy :duck:

ok yes friend

Comment posted by moobbutt deleted Nov 24th, 2015
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Projects I'm working on

Priority Key
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(Green) - Highest Priority
(Yellow) - Lower Priority
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Junebug's Diary - A series of short entries that will be updated weekly/Every third day depending on Schedule. (Planned to be released on the 7/11/15)

The Shining - A short comedy involving Shoeshine desperately trying find a book on loan. She has a bad day (naturally). (Planned to be released on the (14/11/15)

Her Flowers - A Short sad story Involving Junebug and a birthday. (Currently Undecided.)
Some other stuff due to Alternate account work. :ajsmug: