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I'm just someone that's curious on crossover stories involving MLP


Update on Harmonic Connections · 4:37pm Sep 24th, 2017

..... Hey guys... so you might be waiting alittle longer for this next chapter. I guess the after effects of my moving still kinda lingered in my mind. I was distracted the first week, had writer's block the second week, and When I finally managed to write the chapter on the third, It was incomplete and I hated it and threw it out cuz it looked like a mess.

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Hello Dear Kingdom Hearts readers!.... That bother to look at this blog! · 11:50pm Jan 10th, 2017

Hey guys! thought I'd give an update about whats going on on my end. So I've been tallying up your choices on how to go with the romance path, as well as listened to our reasons for said vote. I'll keep tallying til the next week cuz you never know who might pop up, but the choice seems to be clear at this point. and I'm happy to say I have already started thinking and rethinking some things for it. Should be alot of fun. Hopefully it will give you laughs, joy, perhaps a potential tear jerker

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To Do list · 1:40am Nov 7th, 2015

Going through this website there appears to be some cross overs that are lacking in stories or are non existent in general. So I am going to put up a to do list for myself of cross overs that I should give a story to. I'm also adding the cross overs I was going to do anyway, to put them in order of what I should prioritize next.

Kingdom Hearts - Current Project
Mario & Luigi - Developing Plot
Zelda - Nothing Planned ATM
Golden Sun - Nothing Planned ATM
Sly Cooper - Nothing Planned ATM

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