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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.


Some news & dog news. · 12:29am Jul 17th, 2019

Hey everyone, I'm still working on a couple of my stories. So yesterday, me and my mom found several scabs on one of my dog as to why he's been scratching a lot of times from a few days ago. I took him to the vet earlier before noon and my mom talked with the manager vet and hearing a random dog yelling in pain from having one or more teethes removed. Thankfully my dog is okay as I have to get him two pills and two baths each day until next Tuesday.

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Holy Heck! 103 FOLLOWERS?!!! · 3:59am Jun 5th, 2019

Wait a sec. . . 96 . . . 97 . . . 98 . . . 99 . . .100 . . . 101. . . 102 . . . 103.

Wait, 103 followers? Are you serious?! YES! HALLELUJAH!!!

*Cues in favorite songs; Bohemian Rhapsody, Immigrant song, Land down under, and Piano Man.

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Birthday plans. · 4:00am May 1st, 2019

Well I didn't get to enjoy much today for my birthday, but I did manage to post a couple of new stories.

Tomorrow I'll be planning to watch Avengers: Endgame and perhaps think of something else while working on my stories.

Might not be much I guess.

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New stories coming soon. · 4:53pm Mar 18th, 2019

Got a few new stories that'll be published soon when ready. So I have their teaser story titles here down below.

Conversion Bureau: The Last Witchblade.
King Of Sacred Gears. (Displaced Highschool DXD)
The World Of Cyber Species.
The Fall Of Harmony And Chaos.
Rebirth Of Lucemon.

Leave a comment down below and tell me of what you think.

Anyway, I better get back to writing. See ya later!

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Bad news & good news. · 6:20am Feb 23rd, 2019

Hey everyone, how's it going?

Did y'all miss me?

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Need editor help for my story. · 10:14am Nov 19th, 2018

I'm having trouble of my story called 'All-Out Species War: Humanity's Freedom' and I was wondering if anyone out there that can really help me out, I appreciate it and message me if you're willing to help me fix it. Thank you.

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Shocking news & back to writing. · 3:25am Sep 2nd, 2018

Hey everyone, how's it going? Well anyway I had some postponing of writing since well um. . . . . .

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Last Jedi review and plans for 2018. · 6:04pm Dec 31st, 2017

Okay so last Monday I went to the movies an watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It was actually great and emotional to me that I really like to watch it again. :pinkiehappy: Although, I heard from most people complaining about how it sucked like the Phantom Menace and/or being controversial or something. :twilightangry2: YES it had some problems in it, but it's still great of seeing Carrie Fisher on screen again, even though she tragically died a year ago. :pinkiesad2: R.I.P Carrie Fisher and may

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MLP movie and back to writing. · 3:56am Oct 10th, 2017

I watched the new My Little Pony Movie in theatres yesterday and it was really beautiful. :pinkiehappy: Possibly the best kind of movie I've liked more than watching the four Equestria Girls movies. Anyways, it's a great movie and I'll be getting back to work on some stories that needs to be posted soon since I know some of you are anxious and maybe impatient for the updates. Sorry about that, I had some minor set backs and taking some time of redecorating the kitchen with paintings and newer

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Delay Chapter Postings. · 11:19pm Apr 8th, 2017

Hey everyone, sorry if I didn't posted any new chapters lately. :ajsleepy: This weekend was terrible at first from my cousin's son's 1st birthday party. Though I had a little emotional breakdown from letting myself outside after seeing other people and little kids enjoying themselves and me feeling left out when I didn't get some conversation or attention. :raritycry: Probably because I haven't gotten outside a lot and not enjoying myself most of the time. :fluttercry: At least that I did feel

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