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Say no to horn amputations ( Gen 5 Twilight) · 6:45pm Jan 12th, 2018

Dose anyone else think that making Twilight a earth pony is a very bad idea? I can't see G5 Twilight as Twilight. Because Twilight has always been a unicorn ,later turned Alicorn and had her special talent is magic, but as a Erath pony........ she can't cast spells..........#cutie markmakenosense. Do you think Hasbro is making a bad move and should rethink what their doing with gen 5. Or fail (gen5 2020 to 2020 ...... ) Gen 6 coming soon *as soon as they see what they did wrong*

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How do I storys I like to my book self (got it to work some what) · 4:57pm Aug 28th, 2015

It is working I guess.

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