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  • 122 weeks
    Love fimfiction

    So many stores to read so little time :twilightsmile:

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  • 122 weeks
    Wonder what Will happen to the in the internet now *sigh*

    Article 13 passed in the EU. This surprised me considering all protests, patition , and general , people not wanting it to passed. This brings question to mind how can EU Parliament, be so inconsiderate and dim . Maybe I'm wrong maybe there are parts of the could I have not heard that bounce it out. I just don't like the idea of copyright filters. But nothing I can do about it, but hope that this

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    Say no to horn amputations ( Gen 5 Twilight)

    Dose anyone else think that making Twilight a earth pony is a very bad idea? I can't see G5 Twilight as Twilight. Because Twilight has always been a unicorn ,later turned Alicorn and had her special talent is magic, but as a Erath pony........ she can't cast spells..........#cutie markmakenosense. Do you think Hasbro is making a bad move and should rethink what their doing with gen 5. Or fail

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    How do I storys I like to my book self (got it to work some what)

    It is working I guess.

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Love fimfiction · 5:17pm Mar 26th, 2019

So many stores to read so little time :twilightsmile:

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The very last chance to stop #Uploadfilter & # 13: If the federal government withdraws its approval in the council, the reform can not come into force (vote in


vorauss. 9th April). We have to do everything we can to call them! #SaveYourInternet

(posted by Juiia Reda , EU Nations, Twitter

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