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lives in ponyville alone got my cutie mark by making game cube games

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Twilight Sparkle ran through the busy streets of Ponyville. She apologized to many different ponies as she had almost knocked them over. She was late for a magic lesson with Princess Celestia. Twilight scolded herself mentally as she dodged more ponies in her attempt to make it too the castle in one piece.

She looked up at the clock tower to check the time when she bumped into a stallion with full force. She flew back as she knocked him to the ground.“I shouldn’t have been running through the busy street

“Oh, I am so sorry, Miss …” the stallion apologized as he stood up and brushed himself off. He leaned over and offered a hoof to Twilight.

“It’s all right, it is actually my fault.” She said as she took his hoof. He picked her up off of the ground.

“I should have been watching where I was going.” The stallion said.

“It’s quite alright, I shouldn’t have been running through the busy streets.” Twilight cleared her throat as she put her hoof out. “My name is Twilight and you are?” .

“Thunder.” The stallion smiled as he shook Twilight’s hoof.

Twilight took a closer look at Thunder. His coat was a dark blue and his mane was yellow and black. It almost reminded her of a bee. She could see three bolts of lightning on his flank.

“Do you see something you like Miss Twilight?” Thunder asked as he shot her a smirk.

She blushed at his comment. She then tried to change the subject since she had never seen him before. “Are you new to Ponyville?”

“Oh, yes.” Thunder chuckled, “I just moved in about a month ago.”

“Well welcome to Ponyville. I am surprised Pinkie Pie hasn’t thrown you one of her legendary Welcome to Ponyville parties.” Twilight said

“I haven’t met this Pinkie Pie yet. I was just out on a nice little stroll to get myself better acquainted with the town.” Thunder said.

Twilight heard the clock tower ding to ring in the new hour. Twilight gasped as she realized she was more late than she was before.

“I am sorry to cut this short but I really need to be going. Maybe I will see you around.” Twilight said.

“Well how about dinner tomorrow night, my treat.” He said as Twilight turned around.

“Sure until tomorrow night.” She said as she turned around and ran off.

Thunder smiled as he watched Twilight run off.


Twilight wasn’t able to focus during her entire lesson. The only thing that was on her mind was a certain somepony she had met.

Once the lesson was over Twilight rushed back to the train station so that she could get back to Ponyville. She didn’t want to be late for her date.

He walked off with her through alleyways and secluded areas to his house. After getting inside, he closed the door and immediately locked it. He threw Twilight to the ground, then put a collar on her and removed the gag. Twilight looked at her kidnapper appalled, “What do you want with me?” she sneered as she looked around.

Thunder put on a cynical grin, a grin that Twilight felt she was going to see often, “That’s an easy question,” he snickered, “I want you to be my slave for the rest of your life.” he smirked. He then untied her hooves and chuckled some more, “And, if you even think to escape, that collar will shock you.” he smiled a toothy grin, “Now, get to work and clean the floor, slave!” Realizing that there was no other option, Twilight picked up a scrub brush and bucket nearby, then started to clean the floor.

Meanwhile in Canterlot: Princess Celestia noticed something was wrong. “Twilight should have been here an hour ago.” she pondered. she calls the guards and she says go and look around for twilight sparkle she might be in trouble they salute and fly off to ponyville.

thunder says after your done cleaning the floor you can water the plants he laughs evilly why did i not think of this before hoof having a slave makes it all worth while and twilight starts to go and water the plants Thunder snickers at this.

one of the guards spots applejack and asks have you seen twilight sparkle around today she shakes her head no i have not thank you for letting us know he flies off and soon another guard spots rainbowdash he says the same thing she says no but i seen this new stallion around he might know what happened to her he asks where is his house and rainbow points at it thank you for this information.

the guard stops at the house and knocks he hides twilight in a closet before opening the door yes may i help you sir the guard says have you seen twilight sparkle Thunder says no and the guard trots off another dead end he says to his companion.

Thunder grabs twilight out of the closet and says now get back to work she says yes sir as she walked off.

Twilight waters his plants taking her sweet time to do so and as she was she was wondering if anypony noticed she was gone.

Spike woke up in his bed and yelled for twilight a couple times when he got no answer he thought she must be downstairs so he went down and looked everywhere but wherever he looked he could not find her he cried out TWILIGHT WHERE ARE YOU.

spike ran to the library door before he could open it all the 5 friends came bursting in saying spike are you all right?

Spike shakes his head and says no twilight sparkle is missing he begins to cry i do not know where she is and she would not leave without telling me where she had gone.

The mane 5 look shocked at this and there faces turn white like ghosts rarity says who would want to marenap our dear twilight

suddenly rainbowdash cuts in when i find who ever took her i am gonna give the a what for

fluttershy says is that a bit much

pinkie says i am not throwing them a party

finally applejack says hold it y’all maybe they had a reason for this.

The main 5 and spike huddle up and think of who in equestia would want to marenap twilight sparkle and what for.

Meanwhile thunder was smiling as he was ordering twilight around he said to her if your very good i might let you sleep in a bed tonight instead of the floor.

Twilight’s eyes get wide as she thought hey i have magic i can teleport out Thunder says sorry to burst your bubble but my home is magic proof.

Thunder grins as he knew he had her trapped then he ordered her to go make his dinner for him she starts to walk off and head to the kitchen she grabs a bowl and cup she pours cider inside the cup and she put lettuce and carrots in the bowl and she begins to make a salad.
Twilight brings him his food and he says well done and he lets her roam around the house.

while Thunder was eating she was looking for a way out but to no prevail she was about to give up when she remembered maybe her friends noticed she was missing she hoped that at least she looked out a window and it was dark out so Thunder called her back and she got to his side at once .

Twilight asked what is it Thunder said i am gonna show you where your gonna sleep slave he walks her to a room to the right of the main room and his was across from Twilights he said get in or do i have to throw you inside the room?

Twilight walks in and gets on her bed and falls asleep and Thunder falls asleep once he gets in his room as well.


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