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Next chapter will be a much longer while... · 12:30pm Aug 7th, 2012

A huge mixture of things is making me put this story on hiatus. At the moment and in my mind it is cancelled, but there is the slimmest chance where I might do something with this story again.

If I revisit any parts of this, it would most likely involve a complete rewrite from chapter one or simply be a new story with similar elements, events, and/or characters.

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Next chapter will be a while. · 6:05am Jul 27th, 2012

Sorry all, but I haven't even started the next chapter and will be off the grid for a couple of weeks. I will try to get it done as soon as possible and hope to be able to write following parts quickly.

Enjoy the remainder of your summers (or winters).

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Fourth chapter is out and first got slightly rewritten. · 5:28am Jun 2nd, 2012

The fourth chapter is out. Enjoy more Trixie and pals.

Also, I went through the first chapter and tried to rewrite it a little bit, trim some of the fat, and change the voice a bit. Nothing remotely important has changed, but I deemed it necessary to do some quality control on it while my "editor" reviewed the fourth.

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On the delay for chapter 2 · 4:54am May 14th, 2012

To those whom I made wait an excessive time for chapter 2:

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