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I'm a Canadian writer. They/them pronouns. Asexual as all hell. I also have a Patreon now, if you're interested.


Commissions Open · 12:36am March 16th

Hello all! Looking to take in a few shorter commissions this week. 1k-3k or so is preferable, but as always willing to take ones that are a bit longer. Any that are longer will take a bit longer. Just need some that I can crank out in fairly short order because guess who's hours got cut again? (spoiler it's me). So I'll have plenty of time to work on them.

$10 USD per 1k words.

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Fallout Equestria Roleplay Server · 7:12pm March 4th

Hullo. Long time no blog.

Um...Nothing much to this really. Been working hard to set up an FE roleplay server on discord. Am hesitantly opening it to the public now, while actively trying to avoid disboard. Since I know most of the people follow me for weight gain/fetish reasons I'm going to state outright that this is not a weight gain server.

But yeah. I hoped a couple people might want to see.

Link here.

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Honestly, My Job Doesn't Pay Me Enough · 4:38pm February 21st

Hello, again, been a while. Figures we're do for this sort of blog post since it's been a bit.

Good news: I've paid my rent.
Bad news: I've got $13 to my name and I owe my mom $8.

So I'm looking to take in some emergency commissions to help keep me afloat until Patreon comes in. Feel free to PM me here, or on Discord, for more information.

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A New Patreon Series · 11:46pm January 23rd

Posted the first in an ongoing, historical, weight gain, griffon-centric series that will be a patreon exclusive. I'm hoping to post chunks of this every other week until it's finished in the hopes of keeping me motivated, on time, on task, and still writing. Thank you to PhealGud for the help thus far and the idea.

This is a long one boys. Send help, I'm stuck in worldbuilding hell.


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It's finally happened...I made an FA! · 8:43am January 7th

So yeah
it is as the title says. I finally made a furaffinity account. Which is...cool, I guess.

I'm working on transferring stuff over ASAP, and I'm hopefully going to include things that you guys haven't seen before! Because I have written some non MLP work that I obviously can't really post here so it's lived in my google drive and/or patreon for forever.

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my job doesn't pay me enough · 7:50pm Dec 1st, 2019

My commissions are still hella open, y'all. I've got to survive until the 13th without a paycheque and even then she won't be much by my calculations. Maybe $400 CAD.

More importantly, my monthly bus pass runs out today and they cost $60 that I do not have. And I have a phone bill that is over $100 dollars. Plus all that boring stuff like groceries.

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Commissions Still Open · 6:14pm Sep 2nd, 2019

Welp, come one come all folks!
I've got a lot of rent money to cover (like $738 CAD) to cover so guess who is waving their 'open for commissions' banner once again?
Spoiler alert, it's me.
So, $10 USD will get 1000 words and I'm taking in as many of these short commissions as I can!
Also, longer ones are certainly a possibility

Patreon: here
Paypal: here

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Seriously, July Sucks · 11:18pm Jul 31st, 2019

So....good news and bad news folks.

Good news:
-A friend of mine is paying for my laptop to be fixed. And in the meantime I'm borrowing another person's laptop to get caught up.
-I'm working on things I've been late on (requests from my patreon and commissions)
-I'm currently working on these things now. Who knew air conditioning could stimulate the brain so much.
-I reached 68% of my Indiegogo campaign for my book!
-My commissions are once again open so please please commission me

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as it turns out, July is actually hell · 3:30pm Jul 15th, 2019

Hello, all, sorry for my sudden and complete disappearance. As the title of this blog post might suggest to you, I once again find myself in a bit of a pickle and I desperately need your help.

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My Novel · 3:37am Jun 20th, 2019

Hello everyone, I have some exciting news! I've started working on a brand new, original project: a novel. A weight gain, furry novel. It's still fairly early on, but I have the main characters, and an outline for the plot and I'm starting a more detailed outline right now.

However, I need some help to pull this off. Any sort of donation would be greatly appreciated!

Novel's Indiegogo: Here

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