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I write in my free time, just for the sake of it. I also like to draw here and there, mostly the Cmc or background characters. I'm a huge fangirl, and a part time otaku. And YouTube Trash ;P


A Message To ALL Of My Follwers · 4:04am Aug 7th, 2015

Once the amount of followers I have reaches 20, I'll need for all of you who don't have pictures of their oc to pm me describing it.

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Thank you all so much!! · 4:21pm Aug 6th, 2015

Ever since I came to Fimfiction, I never expected to have over 200 views for My Elements of Destiny story I was planning, Or 400 for my Player Number Three series. And I never thought I would have 19 people want to read my content or be friends with me. In so little time. I'm thankful, truly I am. You all deserve something.

How about I draw my followers ocs once I reach twenty?

Or say how I'm working on a horror story and people to collab with for it?

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Happy sisters day!! · 8:59pm Aug 2nd, 2015

Any of you have a sister? Give her a hug, it's August 2nd, tell her how much you appreciate her. Here's a link to a synthessia of a popular song in the fandom that demonstrates the tale of two sisters.

Enjoy it, and have a nice day. I'm going to go bug my sister now, see you later.:heart::derpytongue2::yay::twilightsmile:

Oh, don't forget to send story suggestions to me. Peace.

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Let's talk about Player Number Three · 5:04pm Jul 30th, 2015

I bet that a lot of you who come here is for my Player Number Three story, but here's a few sneak peeks.

One) Sweetie Belle won't, I repeat, WON'T die.

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A message to Anime fans · 5:31pm Jul 28th, 2015

As I've mentioned in older and most likely newer posts, I love Anime. If any of you could give me suggestions on what would be good for me, I'd appreciate it. I'm still new to it.

Here's what I've already watched:

Attack on Titan,
Clannad, (series)
Death Note,
Spirited Away,
Princess Mononoke,
My Neighbor Totoro,
Howl's Moving Castle,
and The Secret Life of Arietty. (Is that how you spell it? Whatever.)
Wolf Children

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About time. · 1:13am Jul 25th, 2015

So I just posted a new chapter for Elements of Destiny. I also made a new cover art that took me all week to do. I haven't updated my favorite story to write in ages, and many of you guys like it, so I should tell you why.

Ok... I was at summer camp.

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My thoughts on Smile hd · 2:29am Jul 23rd, 2015

I love this so much.:pinkiecrazy: It's nicely animated, has many Easter eggs, great music, and Fluttershy, and I like to see gore and ponies once in a while. I also like how in the end when Pinkie Pie kills Fluttershy as if saying, "I will be the best pony!" And then goes all Dragon Ball Z on everyone.:pinkiehappy: I don't know about you guys, but I Freakin' LOVE Smile hd. Cupcakes, however, is different. But I absolutely love it. Fans of the gory stuff, if

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Clannad (Anime) · 11:52pm Jul 19th, 2015

So I've been looking for romance shows when I stumbled upon this. Why it's wacky, and has humor I don't quite understand, I fell in love with it. It's so sad and so romantic and dramatic. I watched episode 14 of the first season,:twistnerd: and I was doing my best trying to hold back tears, I probably looked like this,:fluttercry:, though I felt like this on the inside,:raritycry:. Do I recommend it? Yes, though it may be a bit too wacky or not make much sense, I promise you, it will be worth

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Bride of Discord and special anouncement · 4:18am Jul 18th, 2015

After watching an incredible trailer, for the ever so popular series, Bride of Discord, I just had to write about it. And it's one of the best series I've ever read.:yay: Not because of the audio-drama, but I mean the actual fanfiction. I love how it's so detailed and full of twists and romance, if you really want to see some drama, watch episode 9 of the audio series on YouTube. DF, I love all of your work, if you're somehow reading this, I wanted to let you know that you inspire me to write.

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Omg this made me cry · 5:13am Jul 16th, 2015

I cried over a song in a show meant for little girls, I know a lot of people are posting this, but I couldn't help it. The woman who sang this should get an award or something, even though I don't know the plot, I mean,

The feels man.

I don't know th title, just that it's by Lena Hall, (Hope I spelled that right.)

Share your thoughts on the song, I want to know, I can't wait for the fully animated version.

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