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Oh this sleepy little town, nearly ashes on the ground. I'll leave it all behind, even thoughts of you and I... So I tell you now; Goodbye :heart:


OH MY GOD!!! · 10:58am May 2nd, 2015

God, I'm lolling so hard right now!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

You all HAVE to check this out!

Oh, Buzzfeed, you always deliver.:trollestia:
And I will be a russ in just 3 years, YAY!:yay:

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What do ya want to read? · 11:45pm Apr 30th, 2015

So, after crossing my personal milestone of first story here:rainbowlaugh: i'm kinda unsure.
I have a few storie-ideas, but my question is, what do you want to read about? Here are the storie-ideas and descriptions:
1.Rarity&Sweetie Bell- Cute slice of life oneshot

2.Luna and Sombra- Because i have to practice more on romance

3.A human mane six/Sunset story- At canterlot high, a slice of life story

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New story · 6:32pm Apr 29th, 2015

As I said, it was done already yesterday, but I really wanted to be done with the cover art before posting it.
So here it is, my first fanfiction.:pinkiehappy:

Short description:
What happends when somepony who sucks at party-planning and baking realizes it's her stallion's birthday? A story about how meaning well doesn't always end so well:P
Here's a link

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Special somepony · 6:44pm Apr 28th, 2015

Soooo... Is it creepy when you ponify your crush and make an OC out from it?
Come on, i can't be the only one!:rainbowlaugh:

Anyways, as some of you may know, i like to draw a little in my free-time. And i found the cutest base EVER, so i just HAD to make this, and it means so freaking much to me, i wanted to share!:raritystarry:

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Update about first story · 2:45pm Apr 28th, 2015

So yesterday I got inspired like crazy.
At 11:30PM. Let's just say I didn't get much sleep.:raritycry:
But my first story is nearly done.:ajsmug:

Gonna edit it now, and if it gets approved quickly it will be published tonight!
* eats a pack of sugar
The full truth

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Pre-read first story? · 11:44pm Apr 25th, 2015

So just a quick question: would anyone be such an angel and pre-read my first story? I don't think it needs that much editing, i have read through it a thousand times, but i'm not sure if it isn't too slowly paced and if the plot is interesting enough...it's not entirely done yet but any feedback would be great!:scootangel:

If you are interested, comment and i will pm you the password and link:twilightsmile:

Nighty, nighty to all of you for now!

-Infinity Shade:heart:

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First story · 4:10pm Apr 20th, 2015

Prepare people...for my very FIRST story will probably be posted this week!:pinkiegasp:
I'm really exited, but scared at the same time...:twilightoops:

What is it about you ask?
Well, what else than the cutest ship EVER?!

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First blog post, yay! · 11:39pm Apr 5th, 2015

So, yay, my first blog post.:pinkiehappy:
I wanted to tell a bit about who i am before i release my first story, and so people who randomly find me will...know what to expect i guess?:rainbowhuh:
"Expect the unexpected, but not the expected unexpected, just the unexpected unexpected!" as Pinkie would say:pinkiehappy:
Anyways, here are some boring things about me:
I'm a girl
I live in Norway
I'm a teen.
I'm WEIRD!:pinkiecrazy: And a bit crazy:pinkiegasp:

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