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New story: Applejack-o-lantern · 7:43am Apr 18th, 2015

Just a silly one-shot I did for a request in a forum thread, about Applejack being transformed into a jack-o-lantern and her pumpkinny experiences as a result. It's not Fluttershy's Brew 2, that's still on the way. :yay: In fact, this story might be the kindest one for Fluttershy that I've written. :rainbowlaugh:

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thanks guys · 1:16am Jan 2nd, 2015

Thanks for following me, you guys (and girls!). I didn't expect my simple story to be so well liked, but I've had a lot of people say they really liked it (or were traumatized by it), which makes me feel really good! I would love to write more if I can think of anything. Some people have asked for more ponies to be plantified, which would be great, except I'd want to mix it up a bit and I haven't really thought of a way to do that. I might try writing something different first. Taking

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