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I write stories about ponies and Equestria Girls for /mlp/!


Update 2.0 · 6:29am Dec 31st, 2014

I'm refreshed and ready to rock. I managed to pump myself with some ideas for the next bit of the story as well.
Hopefully we can keep this alive version 2.0. If so, then you can expect more from me!

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1506889 I was able to find it by searching your name. Good thing you trip.

It's all good, I saw the Archival notification on the bottom, so I made a new thread. 20560004

I'm sorry your thread died. For some reason 4chan isn't working properly on my computer. It won't auto-update, and the page number just shows as a ?. I went to bump it, and it was dead.

Been following you since the beginning of the Sunset Birthday thread. Keep being awesome, Based Sprite.

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