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Traveling Soul

Hello everypony. I'm Traveling Soul. I love reading good storys and I'm a big fan of MLP, Sonic, Doctor Who and many other world.


Poem 2 · 10:13am Jan 22nd, 2018

So a while ago I shared one of my poem whit you and I thought it is time to share another one.

I am Luna

I soar acrose the night sky,
To do my job as I fly.
I raise the moon and the stars,
After the darkness start to fall.
I fight nightmares in your hearth,
To protect your soul from the dark.
This is my duty as a princess,
I am Luna and you are my witness.

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Cheap commissions · 6:21pm Jan 20th, 2018

My friend Barbara started doing art commissions
Feel free to look her up
She is a great artist



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Poem · 2:27pm Feb 13th, 2017

So I like to write short poems. I was told they aren't bad.
And I have a few on fanfiction.net (DragoonSensei )
So I thought I share some whit you. But because there is a word count limit to storys I do it whit blogs.

Chaos and Kindness

I am the chaos and you are kindness,
I am the clown and you are the princess.
You are my first friend in the eon,
I am free from my lonely prison.
You are just like a butterfly,
I am just a beast who trying to fly.

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1 year on Fimfiction · 6:23pm Aug 14th, 2015

Today is my last day of my first year on this site and my first day of my second year. :yay:
So I think I should write a blog post about my year.

I readed more than 600 story, whit more than 14.000.000 word.
I'm tracking more than 100 ongoing fict.

I don't know what is the average on this site, but I'm proud of my statistics. :trollestia:

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