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Like Fine Wine · 3:41pm Nov 16th, 2011

New story is up.

This one got a bit out of hand. It was originally just gonna be a quickie, ten, maybe twenty pages. Days later...sigh...

Had a GREAT time writing Rarity, though. Can't wait to do more with her.

Next up is another one of the short ideas, even as editing on Romance Reports goes forward.

AppleDash, the Spa Series, and the Pinkie/Big Mac/Dash threesome all came out about even on votes, so probably one of those, although I'm still open to continued voting.

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Updates! Bonus Chapters! The Votes Are In! · 10:50pm Nov 9th, 2011

Good to be back! First, have some copy-paste:

New story (kind of): Private Party

The much-requested PinkieDash scene from Romance Reports. Doesn't really stand on it's own...I guess I'm considering this a bonus chapter. Tone shift, watch out!

Now then...

What's next?

Projects in the works:

1. Romance Reports editing, revisions, new scenes, alternate ending.

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Oh man...a blog? What? What do I do...? · 4:51pm Oct 15th, 2011


I just posted this over on fimchan, and I thought it would be only fair to give people here a shot at answering as well. Have some copy-paste:

Got something I want to ask everyone here. Well, more like an opinion poll. Kind of. Let me explain.

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