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Obviously you guys like the feels. I like the feels too. Feels are life. Feels for reals.


Now, GET A CALCULATOR! · 2:25pm Dec 2nd, 2014

Your shoe size can tell your age, if you don't believe me get a calculator.

1.take your shoe size

2. Multiply by 5

3.add 50

4. Multiply by 20

5. add 1014

6. minus the year your born

then you will get 3 digits, the first number is your shoe size and the last two your age.

tell me if i'm right? :ajsmug:

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My story thoughts · 9:40am Aug 7th, 2014


Hi people!!!!!

As none of you may know I am currently working on a story ( a soarindash story) but i haven't even wrote a single word on it. all I wrote for the title was: chapter 1 and that was it. I'm like just to lazy to continue the story.

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