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my life has died down some (also Equestria Girls) · 6:53am Oct 15th, 2014

so in the brief lull(z) i'm going to be here some more, might as well spill some thoughts

i'm doing research papers right now, those are fun, lots of reading. lots of citations. i also decided to write non pony things for a while, because my muse is fickle and does the opposite of what i want. such is life. i have a job, which i should be sleeping for right now but forget that because instead i'm going to talk about Equestria Girls 2

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super crazed insomniac, alright, that's me · 11:21am Jul 18th, 2014

can't sleep right now
possibly because i can't turn off the idea box in my brain, and partly because i'm semi stoked about waking up tomorrow and seeing my first FIM fiction submission getting approved.

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welcome to fim fiction · 7:24am Jun 9th, 2014

i've been on a pseudo hiatus from the fandom. i'm changing this, and also getting used to FIM fiction's silly and ultimately necessary rules (OC please don't ban)
anyway long story short i wanted a place to store the hexadecimal code for my pony, but after reading the FAQ i'm worried that i'll get the friggin bamhammer if i don't have a little substance.

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