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I am a bear slightly smarter than my cat.


Happy 'Murica Thanksgiving! · 7:23pm Nov 21st, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving in the U.S. to anyone that reads my random ass blogs :)

See you in Fallout 76 on the PC maybe?

Hope you are yours are well and hale!



All of them. · 3:54pm Jul 16th, 2018

Found something that I cut from a canceled story. Basically something from my literary scrap bin. I rather liked the exchange and had planned to use it if I continued that story. That one will never see a new word added though.


“Who are you? Really?” Twilight asked, a mixture of curiosity and authority in her voice.

“A blacksmith.” Came the quick reply.

“That’s a lie,” she replied with some hesitation, “no…a partial truth. Who are you besides a blacksmith?”

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Thinking of writing again... · 12:27pm Jul 13th, 2018

I have exactly one completed story under my belt, one canceled, and one I deleted from the site after I realized it was nothing more than a self-insert, gary-stu, wish fulfillment wank fest written when I was very stressed and not properly medicated.

With this next season marking the end of FiM I am considering giving a new story a go.

The focus would be on two OC's

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Human x Poner Crossbreed · 9:00am Apr 7th, 2018

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Getting Real Personal Here... · 10:44pm Nov 2nd, 2017

So to put it bluntly I am not in the best of health. Nothing specifically life threatening or anything, I am just overweight, out of shape, and diabetic. I also come from a long line of males that rarely live past forty.

I turned 38 on September fourth. I fully accept I likely have fewer years before me than I do behind me.

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Anniversarrween · 7:13pm Oct 31st, 2017

It's my wife and I's 4 year wedding anniversary today. We have been together since late 2010 and married for 4 years.

I has a happy.

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Maybe new story? · 1:49pm Sep 29th, 2017

So I haven't written anything in a bit, pony or otherwise, and sat down and wrote a small vignette as a writing exercise. I could see this expanded into a full story but frankly I don't want to go to the effort unless there is interest.

Thoughts and opinions? (Keep in mind this is raw/unedited/spell checked/grammar checked)


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No Time to Explain · 12:32pm Sep 29th, 2017

No Time to Explain.

I need a '67 Chevy, an 80lb bag of weed, an 8 track tape of Sammy Hagar, and a raccoon in a leather jacket. I can't tell you what for, only that we will make America great again!

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A Princess of Mars · 2:30pm Aug 25th, 2017

Have any of you that are crazy enough to read my words familiar with or have read the classic "A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs? If you have would you recommend it? I am only familiar with the material in the series through reading the Wikipedia entries an the movie John Carter (which is a guilty pleasure).

It just seems to me like the quintessential HiE story...except on Mars, with Martians, and a Confederate Soldier.

Here, have a tiny Derpy for your troubles.

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There is an old Chinese Guy living in my head. · 8:46pm May 11th, 2017

So I don't talk about my religious beliefs at all.

To summarize, raised Catholic, dabbled in Paganism, now agnostic. Agnostic meaning I accept that atheism and theism are equally likely to be correct.

So in my 20's I decided to imbibe in some mind altering substances sacraments and try to have a "vision quest" to find my spirit animal/guide. I would up with a vision of an elderly Chinese man on a moonlit beach dropping wisdom bombs on me.

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