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Gentle Repose, an Earth Pony filly, has recently lost her parents in a plague. All she has left is an old family friend to care for her. However the burro, Maravilla, is a bit of a pariah in the small town of Wing Wood and as Gentle Repose will come to learn the keeper of a special kind of immortality.

**This is written "universe neutral" so it can be part of any pony headcanon you like. It is also dedicated to my beloved wife who works the very difficult and often emotionally taxing profession of mortician.

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Ponyville is known for strange happenings and being prepared for most anything, but it is very much not prepared for it's resident princess to go missing after a magical mishap. Worse it is virtually crushed when a strange being walks out of the Everfree bearing her lifeless body.


This is my second attempt at a Pony-flavored work of fiction. I am and always shall be in love with the "Stranger in a Strange Land" genre of fiction. Human and slice of life (as well as the mature) tags are the only ones I will place on this story but I plan to touch on many other tags, I just don't want to put a mass amount of tags on a story and lure someone in to reading under false pretense.

This story will be written with each chapter being as self-contained a story as possible, meaning an episodic format.

Things you won't find:
-Foul-mouthed youthful "human" protagonist. Hero Protagonist is an older gentleman.
-Tons of referential humor. There will be funny parts but I feel like I would be a failure as a writer if I have to reference something in pop-culture to make a scene funny.

What you will find:
-A backstory that will unfold over time.
-A "human" from a world not like our own. This is not an Earth "human".
-An eventual revelation as to why I put "" around "human".
-Cake (this may be a lie).

At the end of the day I write this for myself. I welcome you to come with me on this journey. I always accept constructive criticism.

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