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Chapter 4 is READY! · 6:00pm Mar 29th, 2017

It is finally here! now this is the last chapter in wich there will be focus on building on how the world works and we are going to get into the adventure part which the tags promise, I hope it is too your liking!

its going through editing as we speak and should be out soon enough.

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Long time coming · 6:18pm Feb 7th, 2016

hey guys , it's been a long year, school is tougher than ever and writing has been slow, now I'm making this blog post to address this and what it means for my stories.

First I want to bring the good news.

one: I am not dead but thanks for the concern.

Two: I am writing as much as I can now.

Three: new chapters coming soon.... hopefully.

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Sorry for the wait · 10:53pm Oct 26th, 2015

this update is for both of my currently in progress stories.

Both of my stories have not been updated for a while now, though this may seem like I am lazy, having problems in life or there is a lot of homework in the way, but all of those reasons are not why I am not updating, I just... can't.

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The reason for the Hiatus · 3:48pm Sep 19th, 2015

The reason is for My story to be put on Hiatus is that I am going to be taking national exams soon And I have to study a lot!

Don't worry though as I will begin writing shortly after they're done and a new chapter should be coming out within the next two weeks.

Now I have been mentioning a story that I am writing for a while, and I will give you a little hint, I'll show you one of the main characters.


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Old and new story updates · 1:56am Aug 10th, 2015

first of I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports my first story Light in the darkest hour because when I first started writing I was just writing down an Idea that I wanted to share, it honestly was supposed to be a 10 - 15 of 1.000 - 1.500 word chapters then done, but the more support I got the more I wanted to write so I am now sitting here writing, which was something I never thought I would do... ever!

So thank you so much!

now for the updates.

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I'll back, with more outdated references · 3:04am Jun 24th, 2015

I am going to be leaving for a week...


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I need help... Badly! · 1:58am Jun 21st, 2015

*sigh* I have been looking and looking and looking but I just can't find a new editor to help Redd so now I am putting up a blog requesting for help.

If any of you that are reading this are interested in taking a pre-reader or Editor role than it would be greatly appreciated, though there are some rules.

1. You HAVE to know your stuff when it comes to grammar.

2.If you're interested in pre-reading you need o send me a PM detailing issues with the story and I will fix them if need be.

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wat... · 9:05pm May 20th, 2015

OMG THANK YOU GUYS! wow okay let me just let you know when i published this i never thought it would ever go so far as to get put on popular stories! me and Redd would just like to say

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