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This is my story, the story of Bumble Bee or rather Bee for short, I used to be a young boy at the age of nine, a boy of which I have forgotten the name of.
This was before I was sent to this Land by some force the same force turning me into a dragon and switching my gender.

I was thrown into an unfamiliar land where I knew nothing being young, confused and lost I was captured and enslaved. Since then I have escaped and met with others that I now travel with and consider family, This is the story of what happened after 30 long years of Enslavement

This story will tackle some dark topics and event as shown by the "Dark" tag though I don't plan on making that the main part of the story I do feel that I need to at least warn you that it won't always be a feel-good story

I have been working on this story for a while now and do hope you will enjoy it.

This story takes place at the beginning of season 4.

P.S the current cover is not permanent and will be changed soon (this will be deleted when I get the cover)

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Hi there my name is Ori and I am a creature of light , a Lightkin or a Lucis propinquis if you want to go all sciency, I had been under pony care before I have been left wondering for a long time now or so to speak, though the term pet is more appropriate in my situation, I prefer not to label myself as such.

I have done many things in that time left wondering, climbed mountains discovered, long lost secrets and also made some friends and enemies, in time I will tell you all of that, but first let's start from the beginning...


A Ori and the Blind Forest crossover and a rewritten version of an older story, which you can read here.

Hope I do a better job, now let's begin.

Sad tag Removed because of reasons that are not sad.

Author:Derpy Engineer HD
Editor:Stellar Spiral
Backup editor: Jacknife557

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What would you like?

A knock knock joke?

Nah those are too simple, aren't they?

A classic chicken over the road joke?


The what about a pun? What, you tired of puns? Well then what if I tell you a funny little story of my life, sound good?


Too bad I'm telling you anyway! HAHA ha hahaha!

Now listen closely, Some time ago...

This is a Displaced story and will we crossover heavy any offers will be considered and likely accepted

I own none of this.
The Joker is Created and owned by DC comics.
My little Pony is created and owned by Hasbro.

Author: Derpy Engineer HD
proofreader: Anonymous
Editor: Jacknife557

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This story has been canceled!
reworked version here:http://www.fimfiction.net/story/294123/light-in-the-darkest-hour-revamped

Hello, my name is Ori, I have lived many years, many of them spent being imprisoned in stone.
But after a century of waiting and barely keeping my sanity in check I managed to free myself, and this is the story of what happened next.

NOTE: This is an Ori and the Blind Forest crossover and you do not have to be familiar with the game all you need to know is going to be explained in the story and please tell me if I overlooked something and I will try to fix that in later chapters

this is my first story and english is not my first language and if you see any grammar or wording issues then feel free to let me know or just yell at me for being stupid. actually don't do the ladder.

this is a displaced story and I will be avoiding any god tier crossovers do to it will most likely ruin some of my plot but if you're interested in a crossover let me know. Now of with you, I don't want to waste more of your time than needed

EDIT: about the crossovers, I will keep any crossovers to a minimum, as it would likely ruin the plot except if I sit there and think my way around it for hours, but feel free to ask me if you are interested, I am working on another story that I will have no problems with crossovers whatsoever

DOUBLE EDIT:A huge thank you to Stellar Spiral this guy has been a great help in edidin this story and supporting me as a writer and I can' thank him enough. So this shout out is for him

just a heads up there are two authors on this account me, Derpy Engineer HD the original name for this account. then there is Reddsiblings he is allowed to make stories of his own it will be marked on the bottom of the description.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro
Ori and the blind forest is created by moon studios and microsoft studios

Author:Derpy Engineer HD
Co Author and Editor:Reddsiblings
Main editor: Stellar Spirall

FEATURED! 8/30/2015: Thank you guys so much! never thought I would ever get featured, but you proved me wrong!!

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