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Luna can dreamwalk. Everypony knows that. But not even she knows just how far she can see.
And when she gazes into the distance, she finds something surprising to all.

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Cover art made by Hank J. Wimbleton!

Isaac and his mother lived in a small house on a hill. Isaac's mother was content to sit on the couch and watch Christian televangelist broadcasts, while Isaac played with his toys, as children are wont to do. Then one day, his mother heard a voice from above...
And Isaac was never the same again.

A Binding of Isaac: Rebirth crossover, because there aren't enough.

Author's Note: If you're enjoying this story, this one is incredible. It hasn't gotten the views it deserves.

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Max Blaster, hero of humanity, ace star pilot, and bane of the creeps...
Has died. Lost thousands of years in the past, the rest of mankind eradicated, and a dead hyper-intelligent ugly alien's last messages for company, he's gone out the only way he's known: sending as many creeps to hell as he can. But what can he do when he's gone?

I do not own the image used, nor did I create it. It is the official picture used when opening up the app.

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An extremely unique celestial occurrence brought something new into view. A massive ring floated in the sky, holding blue oceans and lush continents on its surface. As threats of war are made, Princess Celestia travels to the enormous structure in the hopes of finding help, or at least a place to lead her ponies to safety. What she finds is much, much more than she bargained for...


NOT a Larry Niven crossover!

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A/N: Cancelled due to lack of interest and ideas. Just going to leave this as a stand-alone story, an option but not required. HALO: The New World will now be continued normally.
This story is a sequel! Read the first one if you want to have any hopes of understanding this story in the slightest! The previous warning may or may not have been an exaggeration!
As Crimson survived as best as he could on the planet Equis, his actions collided with an entirely different planet. During the events of Discord, Crimson accidentally tore the fabric of reality, having been taken from his own. And as he unwittingly brushed shoulders with the other universe, he unleashed something new. Something terrible. But, like Pandora's Box, there was hope.

There was Terra Firma.

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I plan to give this story a massive rewrite. I am unsatisfied with my low-quality writing from… Holy shit. Close to a year ago. Anyway, I have apparently gotten a lot better at writing, and I plan to continue my streak of unique story ideas and little odds and ends.
HALO: The New World will be revoked and renamed, so download the original if you want to. By the time the revamped version is up, the writing should have seriously improved. For now, enjoy this mediocre artifact for (3).
If you get the reference, you get a cookie.

The one man army of Fireteam Crimson, made up of the Spartan IV known only as Crimson or S-250, is sent down to Requiem's surface to gather an alien artifact. He expects a normal mission, but the result is anything but. Crimson is now stranded on an alien planet, with no contact with the UNSC, no escape, and no peace from his old enemies.

Cancelled because my writing style has changed a lot, and I am unable to continue this story.

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