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Elements of Humanity cancelled, starting fresh with a new idea · 6:24pm Nov 25th, 2015

So I finished Elements of Humanity in mid 2015. However, I realized that when I was rewriting it, the story completely broke from my original intention. As I had people proofread it in my small group of friends, I did receive the needed grammar edits and contradiction findings, but I also received a lot of "ideas" on what to do next. I ended up liking the ideas and incorporated most of them.

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Rework on Element of Humanity · 1:32pm May 8th, 2014

I've rushed the first chapter out of excitement, and I'm wanting to take the story in a different direction. I have the rough draft of chapter 2 almost complete, and Oliver's mood does not match what it should be given what I'm having him go through. I've revoked my submission for now to do some real work on the first chapter, and I want to finish at least 5 chapters that two of my close friends approve of. The comment on my story is NOT the only reason for this. I actually took this to my

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