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Official pimp for the undead, I put the fun in funeral, I put the laughter in manslaughter and I put the hot in psychotic. But I don't put the sane in insane.


School · 5:39pm Oct 13th, 2015

High school, the place most people are afraid of... isn't actually that bad. I like it so far. It is annoying that I don't have as much time to write, but it's hella better than public and middle school. I would like to hear how you people felt about high school.


New Scribble! · 2:45am Sep 25th, 2015

I did a scribble for about forty-five minutes with pencil. Here is the finished product, it pertains to Displaced Terrarian. I do mean scribble, I'm not great at art.

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Another Story · 12:49am Aug 26th, 2015

As the title suggests I will be creating a new story, Writer's Block is hitting me where it hurts on Project Hunter. I have many ideas for my Displaced story. I already have one of the chapters completed. I will be releasing it when I have completed the second chapter. It has a lot better flow to me so hopefully you guys and/or girls enjoy it.

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Inability · 12:33am Aug 15th, 2015

I previously thought that I would be able to release two chapters by tomorrow, sadly I was unable to reah that goal, if I worked all night I could release a second chapter. As it is I have just submitted the prologue. The only problem would be subpar writing, I'm not talking about grammar or spelling, I'm worried about lack of detail bad plot decisions and plotholes. If I went through the chapter, it would be as bad as the average red and black alicorn story. So I am sorry but I will release

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First rant and new story coming. · 6:13am Jul 31st, 2015

I just recently posted a comment on a story that got a lot of hate for a single line. you can find it here. You can find my post above a comment that is RAPE Inc. I just chose to comment based on the sheer amount of flames there were, When the DESCRIPTION said please don't flame. Don't flame me for not "Rising up against the injustice that is an opinion of someone who you will not see in

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