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Southern Wing

Just a struggling author who would like feedback on ongoing fics being written


Just saw the new MLP movie · 7:38am Oct 21st, 2017

Loved it. I'd recommend watching it. It was good to not give any spoilers.

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update within the month · 3:08am Oct 5th, 2017

Working on the next chapter. Hopefully I should have it up by the end of the month. I'll do what i can to make sure it is. The same goes for Days of Nightmare Moon. If there is no update well... I'll be updating next month then.

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Loosing it. · 2:05am Sep 17th, 2017

I'm beginning to loose motivation to work on my fics. I want to to finish them and I know how they will end. it's just i'm loosing what it takes to finish them. So if i'm taking longer to update that's the reason. I've never been good with these blog posts but i do want to thank those of you who have tracked liked and favorited my stories.

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slower on the rewrites. · 5:32am Jul 1st, 2017

whatever rewrites i'm working on for the fics they're gonna come even slower. I haven't really felt like working on them besides the latest update to Imprisonment of a Changeling.

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slower work on fics · 3:07am May 30th, 2017

Apologies to all my readers for the slow updates. I've been going through a lot mainly family drama which I will not go into detail. I'm not really feeling the spark of creativity much lately. The most work I can get done on Imprisonment of a Changeling and Days of Nightmare Moon is just bits and pieces. I have a new chapter for Days of Nightmare Moon I'm just waiting on my poofreader. I'll be updating when I can but I don't know when that will be.


Work on Imprisonment of a changeling · 4:55am May 3rd, 2017

I'll be getting back to work on the new chapter after I finish some very minor rewrites. That and getting the next chapter and the revamped prologue for Days of Nightmare Moon.

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Days of Nightmare Moon rewrites close to completion · 7:27am May 2nd, 2017

So the new prologue is almost complete. my editor will be looking at it soon so I should have it up by the end of the week.

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some rewrites incoming. · 9:19am Mar 31st, 2017

Currently working on some minor rewrites for both Imprisonment of a Changeling and Days of Nightmare Moon. They should not really affect anything major with either fic.

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Apologies for the late update · 6:58am Feb 24th, 2017

To my readers, I apologize for the extremely late update to Imprisonment of a Changeling. I do try to make sure each chapter is perfect before I post it but I do make a goof here and there with how it turns out. I'm still finding it difficult to motivate myself to write it but slowly but surely I'll make sure it comes out. I'll get back to work on Days of Nightmare Moon next so those who are reading that I should have the next chapter out soon.

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slow updates for imprisonment of a changeling. · 5:19am Dec 24th, 2016

To my readers.

I want to apologize for the extremely slow updates. I've been finding it hard to motivate myself to work on the fic and when I do I only get a few lines down then I loose whatever focus I had. I last worked on it six days ago and the next chapter is no where near being done. I appreciate your patience regarding the next chapter. I will try to get the next chapter done by the end of the year, but I make no promises.

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