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Southern Wing

Just a struggling author who would like feedback on ongoing fics being written


Wing and Sev best friends, and practically brothers have been in many crazy situations. They have glimpsed into alternate universes and have encountered different versions of themselves. Those have up til now been singular events. Now they face a new challenge meeting an entire room of different versions of themselves.

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The return of Nightmare Moon was the first major event for changelings in over twenty years. A harmonist by the name of Schkitz. Who lives under the pony alias of Southern Wing, along with his bond brother Sev. The pair will soon become involved in new adventures with their friends.

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My name is Southern Wing, well that's what my pony friends call me. My real name is Schkitz and I am a red changeling.
Most of my life I've spent in peace, however my hive is in danger from an old adversary. Queen Chrysalis is planning something
I don't know what but I am afraid. I'm afraid that she'll take action against us or against ponykind which would be worse.
I may have bred to be a soldier, but I can't help but feel like things are going to get worst before they get better. With the rumors of a wedding in the wind, time will tell.

(7/7/15 realized adventure tag was an accidental mistag on my part)
coverart by Discourt

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